I’m no sports man. Pocket billiards are—
on, are balls in a diamond rack. 9-ball

break shot—– luck thrust, teenagers do;
their guts feel of momentum. It is a stick-

and-ball game on woven wool called felt. Colored
balls as they, hit hard or light, badly or right—

Teens                                        they are amateurs,
sprawling on misdirected hit. Feeling it?

A cue ball—– white, heavy. Ball thrusting to
a ball or balls, slick slaps for a pocket goal? Maybe.

Imagine a scoop jump shot, their naive thoughts
wildly injuring the felt and cue stick. Themselves.

It is ideally played with a chalk and a rake—– to
counsel, accompany, and guide them. Parents are..

teachers are                                           you are too.
Because a clean pocket ‘9’ ball—– is the goal,

and not hitting the others off the table,
otherwise the shot is a foul.

Stop that. Will you?


napowrimo.net challenge, Day 20




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