in March Spring, springs me
each bloom a vow i plea
from the trees i go, i flee
pink memories for them to see

on an evening deep, i drift
winding down slow then swift
passing thru the tourists stroll,
petal-by petal, to you i fall.


cherry blossom

Hi, this write is for someone dear, and posted at dVerse pub OpenLinkNight #192.

It is Spring-time in Japan which marks the start of cherry blossoms. I never did witness one in real, and I dream I could watch it someday. Maybe over a hanami.

Photo found here.


9 thoughts on “Love(10)

  1. i have seen the cherry blossoms and stood under a tree as a breeze brought more fall over me, its really so beautiful and reminds me of spring in Asia and inspired my haibun on Monday in fact, but your words here describe the feelings even more intensely, walking among the cherry blossoms trees, very beautifully written. And the person you have written it for very blessed indeed.

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