Love(3) – Haibun





Love is tranquil when in nature. It is blossoming with flowers ready to bloom surrounded by wild grasses. It is fresh as morning dew collected by a leaf ever accommodating. It is warm as sunshine that keeps the living invigorated. It is enduring like a stem or a branch holding his fruits, leaves, and flowers; withstanding all circumstances. It is alive, nurturing like the creatures that lives in. It is serene and trusting in atmosphere. I will hold your hand and take you there, we shall blossom with love.

the rain ceased
and sun rose a king-
i am renewed.



Hi, this is for for Toni’s prompt at dVerse pub haibun monday. Written for the love of nature and for someone dear to me.

Images found here and here.



13 thoughts on “Love(3) – Haibun

  1. I like this haibun combining nature and love. It reads almost like the passage from the Corinthians – love is….and then goes on. I like your take on the love is theme. And the haiku – lovely!

  2. I liked the idea that love was tranquil in nature assuming it might be different outside of that setting. I also liked the holding of hands and taking the other into the forest. The photo is very nice as well.

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