Green Field


i lie on the green field
grassy texture, of clear air
perfect view for super moon

she was imperturbable
lovely among flowers below
alone, thinking of you.



Written for dVerse poets pub. Most of the time when I am alone I think really deep, but it is not a bad thing for me because I create beautiful images and scenes on my mind. I do become imaginative and delusional, but it in a way these thoughts keep me sane. These thoughts also help me write poems.


14 thoughts on “Green Field

  1. There’s nothing like viewing the super moon from a prone position in grass. I like your use of the adjective ‘imperturbable’; the rhythm fits so well in the second stanza.

  2. This was a delicious three course poem. The quote to start things off, your poetic thoughts in the middle and the dessert course of imagination in the postscript.

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