dream of tired body


i’m dreamy of green fields on hill top
house wooden sturdy stuck on it’s rich soil
soft cuddly pillow on a chilly evening
lying comforted on bed after the days toil,

i’ll watch the stars twinkling
a night-sky calm over bevy bright city lights
caressing warm blanket on a chilly evening
mind and body at ease on a cold cold night.



peotry quote

Posted for dVerse.

I have been working too much lately. It has been more or less 60 hours of work a week. I feel exhausted and deprived of leisure time, and of enough rest.  To unwind, I have been playing my favorite pc game and writing poems. For me, writing poems is a form of meditation, a truly relaxing activity to express my art with words.

photo credit to shitijbagga.net


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