Gazing the Night



gazing the moon.jpg

Hi, I wrote this before. I did a minor re-work of this Haibun. 🙂

For dverse Haibun Monday.


18 thoughts on “Gazing the Night

  1. I like the child-like voice here, recapturing a small person gazing at the sky in wonder, thinking to hold the moon close with “my little hands”. Cool response to the prompt.

  2. Stars looKinG
    Down uPon
    EARTh sKeYes..
    oh.. they eXclaim..
    HUman eYes shiNe
    BriGht HeArt too..
    FeeL whAt
    hUmans FeeL..
    Star Children forGeT
    thE BlesSinGs oF eYes
    wHo FeeL.. more than sHine…

    Starry Starry niGhts..
    art without FeeLInG
    iS oNly..

    eARTh heARt..:)

  3. Late to Haibun Monday – my posting and reading. But so glad to read yours. I love the quotation you’ve posted — and especially like the descriptive sagacious night-sky. So glad you joined us at dVerse today!

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