Haiku – tail

Hi! Glad that you’re with me. I have been writing consistently for the past two months, and genuinely enjoyed the journey I am to poetry. Reading blogs and participating on online prompts is what motivates me to write poems, and by that I am able to know more about poetry. I am no poet nor wordsmith I can define, but it is my goal. Though not anew to poems, it is only this year that I was able to dig in more into the different forms of poetry and learned the deeper concepts of it. Hence, I am on a quest to know them more. And of all, writing Haiku is what I am interested the most of now.

We all know Haiku is an ancient Japanese poetry and I came to know it as early as school age. The English Literature adapted it well and have been an effective medium to introduce poetry writing to schools. However, writing Haiku is a more complex discipline than the 3 line 5-7-5 syllable count. Well, I am one of those who fell short of understanding it.

Traditionally Haiku is about nature and the natural world, or should I say an excerpt from an individual personal pondering of the living things. I consider it the shortest tale you can put with words, that often leave you on-the-look of your environment. And so, for my love of nature and writing I will be exploring myself and the world with Haiku.

nature logo 2

the tail of summer,
brown leaves adrift to nowhere,
a raven finds her nest.



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