image from quotesideas.com

an art dare unseen
covered with a white silk cloth
colors hide beneath
light dances thru clear paint soon
unraveling depression.



A Tanka written for the secret keeper’s weekly writing prompt #39 and dVerse poetics.

Remember to put great value to people not on things.



7 thoughts on “Unseen

  1. SMiLes.. in my work life i was important
    to all as they needed me..
    in my home life the same..
    when i failed to the
    concrete ground
    i was important
    to no one.. not
    even me.. after
    that i made myself
    my own father.. mother..
    sister.. wife.. husband and FRiEnD
    too.. and now i juSt love and need
    no one but Love allone mY FriEnd..
    to give..
    and share..
    iF at ALL possible too..:)

  2. I like the idea of colors hiding just beneath the surface and depression unraveling into something else…something towards the light perhaps. Thoughtful write, thank you for joining in for the prompt 🙂

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