“That’s when I realized that death was the ultimate thrill.” John Wayne Gacy

cain and abel

Photo of Cain and Abel, tale to be the first murder.


Remember John Wayne Gacy, his obssesion with young males, and of death. Midwest Chicago 1970s’, fearsome years of teenage boys. It happened to be, Gecht once worked as a subcontractor with him. My nosy mind wonder, if they had discussed out their subtle likeness in thinking– their vile nature as a being. I’m curiously puzzled too of their view on sexuality, from a fact that while Gacy targeted the male teens, Gecht killed women for their breasts. But what caught my interest the most, was both had the charisma and power to make others do whatever they wanted, insane enough to raise the tally.

an internet article-
playing detective.


I’m always been Sherlock Holmes in my own mind, an enthusiast of detective movies like Copycat(1995), Se7en(1995), and The Silence of the Lambs(1991). As I browse the internet I was intrigued by an article about an alleged satanic cult killing women. My detective brain once again restored.

A Haibun written for dVerse Open Link Night #172.

poetry qoute 3

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2 thoughts on “Terror

  1. I remember John Wayne Gacy but not Gecht. How interesting that they had once been connected in life. Tragic paths that they chose to walk…
    Gayle ~

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