photo credit to

white jasmine
dainty adoration

a pledge
undying love
‘sumpa kita’
sweet sampaguita.



Good Day! Day 8 of NaPoWriMo (GloPoWriMo). And I am up for another poetry writing challenge. Today’s prompt is to write a flower poem. First thing, I adore flowers  much as I love poetry; and so who doesn’t? My personal favorite is the rose, and I did write several poems about her (as a reference) such as this haiku:


i was a red rose
in ever green leaf and stem,
now blue on the ground.


But for this prompt, I opted to write about the sampaguita. Well known as a white, fragrant, star shape flower famously arrange as a garland, an ornament, and for adorning. I wrote it as a septolet, a poetry form I recently knew. I hope you did enjoy the read.

p.s ‘sumpa kita’ means: i promise you




6 thoughts on “Sampaguita

  1. Both the photograph and the poems are very beautiful, thank you for including them both and helping me experience your writing more full.
    I loved your samaguita poem, it reads so sweet and the meaning is just so heartwarming!

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