As the Rose Rose

rose 2.jpg

there once a bud rose
slouching, in sprout-pose
while sun flares kiss her of ardent love

and the morning mist, fell in love
catching dews her leafs aroused
she levered a torn, post

came an offspring pose
raw and innocent, unloved
but when she grew to a full bloom rose,

everyone posted his love to the rose.


Cheers! It’s Day 7 for NaPoWriMo (GloPoWriMo). Well, *Coughs,  I was very sick yesterday and so I wasn’t able to write and make a post for Day 6. But I promise someday this April I will complete the prompt for Day 6, which is to write a food poem. Good news, thanks God and to good food and water, I am on recovery now. Definitely better than yesterday.

And now, for Day 7’s prompt is to to write a tritina. I should say writing a tritina is a bit tricky yet surprisingly fun. It is my first to write such, and feel so contented of it. It is about a story of a budding beautiful rose. Like it if you enjoyed the read.

photo credit to (quotes about roses)




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