My girl


luscious her lips allure mine
beneath the moon’s crystal stare
her cheeks blush radiant shine
one fateful night slip to mind,
a gentle kiss have knot our soul bare

her eyes a goddess dwelling
lean beneath the moon’s beauty
her hips have twine a sealing
that wrap to mine caressing, –
before i woke to this fallacy.



Goody day! My overwhelming gladness for the prestige as the featured participant for NaPoWriMo day 3. Thank you to all, for reading and liking my write.

Today is day 3 of the National Poetry Writing Month (Global Poetry Writing Month) that brings a new challenge to poetry writers. Day 3’s prompt is to write a poem in the form of a fan letter. Well, needless to say I am fan of beauty and  of character. I am a loyal fan of Angelina Jolie. Her beauty is radiantly soaring inside and out, that has never been blundered by age, fame and wealth (as far as i know). She is an inspiration to many: as a talented actress, an image of beauty to women, a loving mother and wife, and a prowess advocate of women’s health and of children in need. The poem is about a dream I had; I was with her, a date perhaps that went lovingly intimate. It end up as I woke realizing it was just a dream. Cheers! But more, it was not solely Angelina Jolie as an inspiration of the poem. Robert Frost too inspires me to write this, who i consider a master words-man. His work first inspired me to write and love poems.

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