Family Photo


the shy me in white
slick hairdo, black shoes
joyous, graduation

laid-back smile, a pose
a family picturesque
the last that we had.


Good day! Day 2 of the National Poetry Writing Month. It is a bliss for me to write and share it with you. Today’s prompt is about making a poem from a family portrait. I wrote two connected haiku(s). The resource didn’t come hard because of this one memorable family photo we had during my grade school graduation. An auspicious event for us, a memory we treasured. A snap of the pre-digital camera era. Though the world of taking photos now has become more at hand to almost everybody with various kinds of gadgets, we never had taken another complete family photo. It was the last. Mainly because none of us is an enthusiast with taking photos. Yet despite, our bond as family is getting stronger everyday. Who knows maybe tomorrow or the next would be our long last due for family photos.

art credit to art quotes poem

p.s sorry if i can’t post here the actual family photo.



7 thoughts on “Family Photo

  1. My family has never really been one for family portraits either. My sister was off travelling when I graduated so we only have two photos of all four of us together. One from when we were much younger and showing sheep at Newport Show and another from my Twenty-First with dad caught mid sneeze.
    Your two haikus work wonderfully.

    1. Thank you Carol! I think what is the most important thing is capturing the right moments and not the photos. Sometimes it saddens me to see people taking lots pictures rather than nurturing a quality bond with their love ones.

  2. Lovely poem! It made me realize that I don’t have a family picture with my parents at all, and the one with my children is five years old. I need to break out the camera and timer!

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