Flight of Ideas

flight of ideas

i love here, the silence

paper plane drifting
sweet, tasty vanilla ice cream

the nature seems now distorted
because my ma,
she’s old now, old chick

she use to cuddle me, ashtray
smoky sooty cigar
always reminds me to talk

an eavesdropping friend, Rale
rude rusty tongue
once told me im insane

my grades were flickering aces
am i insane?
but schoolboys, i hate them

but the walls, are futile
they drug me
makes me want to sleep

the fig tree i lean
a bird perch
the nature seems distorted now..



Hi! The National Poetry Writing Month has officially started. I do hope you will like my first write this year. The prompt was a lune, so i made one (a series).

art credits to kyle reynolds art


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