A Meal for Two

Meals for Two, follow me at https://emangarduque.wordpress.com
Meals for Two, follow me at https://emangarduque.wordpress.com

Yes two? note the man
two, crave and taste

Man note not serve them awe spice hot
and taste still cramp rare dishes for two
deserts can’t run seen turn a vehement taste

moist on oven, simmer out entire as salad and cheese

two, is the subtle line is a queen do correct for
Scene of two, for moments to toss wine,
er, a meal seed awe of two couple along the placebo

pass meals! the man begs sugar
it aches, stomach aches
commotion! map a forsaken scent

Unto the poor,
scents means more than supper.


translated poem (shape of words, sound, etc..) from the Portuguese poem

It’s Night Time in the Morning by Manuel Gusmao

É isto: a noite de manhã
Tu levantas-te

Manhã e noite não se vêem ao espelho
antes o estilhaçam para dentro
desencontram-se interminavelmente

mas ouvem-se uma à outra entre as salas da casa

Tu estás súbita ali na esquina do corredor
sinto por momentos a tua cara negra
e a imensidão do teu corpo anoitecido

passas-me a manhã devagar
de mão a mão
como um mapa fosforescente

onde por certo íamos morrer

NaPoWriMo Day No. 16

though it was difficult, it was a fun writing.


15 thoughts on “A Meal for Two

  1. I think you did a great job, and reading the original I love how far they appear, yet connect so perfectly, with or without your intention I do not know, at the closing lines.

    1. aside from it is done for a prompt, i wrote it in reference to the poorest family who are starving and craving of food they can’t afford to buy that to such extent to satisfy their cravings, they go to food courts or resto to smell the aroma of good dishes.

    1. thanks. whenever i see people starve because they cant afford to buy food, i just give them what i can. i aspire to build a charity group to help the poorest of the poor, someday.

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