Let’s Get Drunk Again

emman and darwin https://emangarduque.wordpress.com/
emman and darwin https://emangarduque.wordpress.com/

i reckoned the days hype
blissful laughters we share
mesmerize a youthful life
living wild, free- bare

back, I always remember
our spirits high starting up heat
boozing liquours rum and beer
drink, tipsy, drunk drunken-fleet

intoxicated, we vindicated our troubles
listened as mystery unfolds
as teens tunneling struggles
we forget and flee into the cold

a year pass I did not hear from you
i thought you sprawled just right
dazzling booze as you always do
dancing, singing- stolen nights

a day did come i did not knew
i guess you got tired and flew
succumb into mist with no clue
i wish i was there for you

i mourn, i weep in weary eyes
named myself a fizzled-friend
denying the truth that lies
blamed the end i should have fend

I recall we would talk
as we walk on a hollow hallway
mesmerize stories we stalk
of love, of life, of moments we stay

i will see you soon my friend
i blew my regards to the wind
a hallway of where pain end
when we meet let’s get drunk again,

and paolo.


– In memory of our dearest friend Darwin (and Paolo), may you find eternal happiness. We will meet again in a hallway of where pain end, i will bring with me  buckets of beers, bottles of rum, a gallon of chasers, good music, memories and stories to tell. We miss you, we love you.


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