Last Letter of Peter Pan

last letter of peter
last letter of peter
follow me

i treasured
every clock digits
that fades away,
a life link-leap
with you along the way

you were such company
my heart
felt so right,
a glow of seems
a daylight
blink- bright..

a charm
paused kink-keen
panache glimpsed,
i can’t forget
your kiss
in my lips

it was
an aesthetic jiffy
i wish won’t last,
of thy God’s
mink munificient
heart bestowed moments
for us..

every moments has its
windup-wink end,
a clock turn–
indecision i haven’t fend..

your not a princess:
though a alluded your
such for me,
faulty! i failed to make
you feel what’s like to be..

the clock still ticks
but not for you and me anymore,
pink-pallid weary phase
and waning lure

stink-sting stench pain,
mumbling maim heart
without a cane…

behind metaphors
gloomy clouds overhead in miles,
stars never stop twinkling
think-thrill reminisced smiles

i am the fink-faint prince
you have known,
you will always be
my princess;
i will never own

so i guess
and so i sigh,
time for me to bid goodbye

dawdling manner,
lone night..
cold breeze..
as i flee away farther

i really do want you happy

dangle at my tether,
‘love you much Wendy’
sink-shoal voice of peter..




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