Drowned — Poetry and Meaning

..____.____i whisper to my palms___..
..__.__ever more so to the waters___..
while i clench myself___..
..__.___like a stone___..
..___.____below this common ground__..
..__.__next to darkness__..
nobody knows me here__..
..___.____where daylight__..
..__.__prior to its savings leaves__..
..___________.______no footfalls__..
.._____________.________but shadows___..
..____.______stalk me__..
..______._______in silence captured by__..
.._____.______the vacuum___..
..__.___pores of my body__..
..___.____for its earthly plunge___..
departs from my skin__..
..__.___and fur__..
.._____.______like ripples on wave__..
..__.__blown sand as the hours__..
toss and turn__..
..___.____and twist__..
..______.______with all memories sunk__..
..______.____deep before__..
..______._______my thoughts go__..
..____._____like ice__..
..___.__below this common ground__..
..next to darkness__..
.._______.________i whisper__..

– Gino Delorozo (Drowned)

This is a very beautiful poem made by Gino Delorozo, who found interest on a dead child found next to a stone after said to had been drowned on a creek.

The poem will give you a strong driven emotion of empathy unto the drowned victim. The words are outstandingly arranged in a manner that it looks fading towards the bottom — like drowning. It is easy to comprehend unlike other poems that throws a bunch of big words which sort of discourage most readers. The poet beautifully illustrated a sequential portrayal of what it is like to be drowning. Though I haven’t experience such scene, the poem really exert an excellent job of letting me feel and see what it is like.


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