The Clock on His Wall

4th of May, Summer

peotry quote

the clock on his wall
on time, not a miss, moves on
only us are not

the past we think of
changing thru a time machine
the clock still on time.


Day off and I thought of writing a poem today. A pair of connected haikus. Solemn, I can reflect on it (maybe you can too). It is about the past we cannot forget, and hope we can have the power to change it (but sadly we can’t).  It was inspired by an anime I recently started to watched which titled Erased (a Japanese anime). I rarely watch animes but this got me hook up, because it really have a good story plot though I haven’t yet watch it full. It is about changing the pass to save someone.

Two Poems

Day 27,


This is for the sonnet prompt:

i think of you on daylight depth, so deep
that thru the night i sleep, you’re in my dream

and so i ask myself why was it so
but saw these pimples grew on my forehead;

i thought of it, disclaiming that i know
while painting your face on a sunset sky

whereby your trademark growl a spell-cast charm
despite the gloomy clouds, you’re there to cheer;

and knew not more i can deny this sheer
a tease once from came back prowling me

an affect flourish unexpectedly
you unfurling my lips a lovely glee;

more it grew, and sowed to, an awkward feel
a friend painted my cheeks a rosy-peel.



And this is for the long line poem prompt:

it was already dark when the cold was catching me
an embrace, a chill of discomfort pricking my nerves distempered so
i gathered some sticks and branches then piled them round in a slope
where edges were jointed stones i stacked before i lit those dried woods ablaze

i felt warm as bonfire scorch caressed against my skin a flashback
boyscouts’ grade school camp battling lonesome cold night breeze
rekindling memories from past spilling from the burnt woods
a few gulp of rum mellowing the night a sober soothe

the woods now half gone, perish into ashes until i cannot see them
alluded them friends from boyscout days that long my eyes has lost
from days we tuck ourselves young adventurers on a pineapple field
searching risk, building bonds out of made-up boyscout quest

upon a bonfire i thought remembering the blissful boyscout days
i whisk my throat more rum, more memories until the fire catches no more wood.



Good memories make me miss some dear friends.

Day 22,


For earth day poem prompt.

earth day

My beloved Earth
My living space
Where birds fly free
On her painted sky
Of blue or orange, sometime grey
Because the sun plays
Hide and seek
Rise and sets
Like flowers on the ground
That bloom beautifully
Pretty as the sea
Where fishes swim
Thru and thru the reefs
The tranquil nature
We have hurt.


Guilty as I am, I am sorry my beloved Earth. Hoping I (we) can do much to preserve you.

The pitcher that was left

Day 21,


Here is a poem for Day 21’s prompt:

i’m a glass pitcher once full of water

now little was left, a crow came
weary to near death
quenching my water desperately

he thirst what is inside of me, my essence
that for long i collected these dews
a labor in disguise

he poured needlessly
pebble by pebble
smudging the once clear
adding more weight-
changing me

i stood on the ground
still and unressitant
enduring earth

as he saps it out
from me with his beak

the crow then flew and left me.




Reference is from the fable The Crow and the Pitcher and inspired by Rosa Jamali’s poem The only resident of this house is the gloomy hawk.

Maybe I should edit this write someday.